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Valencia Groves

The Valencia shopping district in McAllen, Texas was designed to be a new city center for the Texas border city which has a growing and vibrant cultural, commercial and civic life. The project, described as a "lifestyle" development was intended to be a walkable, bikable environment with shopping, living and dining all on a 30+ acre site which is close to schools, the new Centennial Parkway, the airport and is easily accessible to the surrounding communities. Circling out from the central plaza are rings of fountains, ponds and pools. Along the radius of walking paths are links to the green space, fountains and destinations within the site.

Surrounding the plaza are restaurants, mixed-use office/condos and a luxury hotel. On the weekends the plaza was designed to accommodate a farmer's market and outdoor shopping arcade. The hike and bike trail would wind through the center, back to the residential neighborhood.

The next ring of uses includes a specialty grocery, eat-in movie theatre and high end retail- both local and national retailers. The site is one block away from an elementary school and the residential uses are within walking distance to that school and a proposed new high school.

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